Jual Vimax Canada di Tokovimaxcanada.com

Jual Vimax Canada di Tokovimaxcanada.com – Vimax is a brand of male enhancement supplements sold online, primarily through Internet advertising.

The product, which began production in 2001, is distributed by OA Internet Services Ltd, an affiliate network company based in Montreal, Canada.
The distributor claims to pay website owners and advertisers a 50% commission for sales, which are mostly over $200 for 4 bottles of the product. The company also distributes a mechanical penis stretcher and other pills claimed to be aphrodisiacs and to attract the opposite sex.[citation needed]

In January, 2008, OA Internet Services sued Essential Body Care, a former distributor, as well as its owner, for trademark infringement in New Jersey District Court.[1] The suit accuses Essential Body Care of buying the product through a legitimate distributor, then re-selling the product without approval on amazon.com
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